ST-LAURENT genealogy


Genealogical research in progress:

- We are working on my family tree (families ST-LAURENT, PLOURDE, HEPPELL, BLANCHET)

About 1650 persons in database. This work of course led us to Pierre LAURENT, first immigrant who came in Quebec from France. 

- Census of all Pierre LAURENT's descendants to create and publish a search aid. At this time we have about 2800 persons (all ST-LAURENT, excluding spouses) in database from 1690 till about 1900, including more than 1500 marriages. We collect data from birthday, wedding and burial acts, and also all interesting documents such as notary acts.

Note: the english part of this website is condensed (I haven't been able to translate all). Please refer to the french part for more details. It should be improved in the future. Thank you.

Documents used

We look for information in birthday, marriage and death records, notary acts and census. We try to use the more primary source possible, i.e. microfilms which are exact copies of original acts, but we also use books (compilations).

More than birthday, wedding and burial acts, we also search in notary acts. We can find in, land concessions, land sales, wedding conctracts, testaments, inventories, donations, life annuities, exchanges, receipts. These documents make us able to confirm data and give us a lot of information on our ancestors life at differents times.

We have copies of about 600 notary acts relative to ST-LAURENT family. Some are transcribed from original (in french). They are available on request, if the person can be identified.

Records consulted (microfilms)


Paroisses Dates Paroisses Dates
Baie des Sables 1860-1900] St-Jérôme de Matane 1842-1900]
ND de Liesse Rivière Ouelle 1807-1877] St-Joseph de Lepage 1874-1900]
ND des Neiges Trois-Pistoles 1785-1887] St-Louis Kamouraska 1728-1805]
ND Sacré Coeur Rimouski 1875-1900] Ste-Luce 1842-1900]
St-Anaclet de Lessard 1859-1900] St-Mathieu de Rioux 1866-1900]
St-André Kamouraska 1791-1815 St-Moïse 1874-1900]
Ste-Anne La Pocatière 1742-1880] St-Octave de Métis 1855-1900]
Ste-Anne-des-Monts 1824-1900] St-Patrice Rivière du Loup  1813-1825
Ste-Blandine 1878-1900] St-Pierre du Lac [1884-1900]
Ste-Cécile du Bic 1850-1900] St-Simon 1838-1900]
St-Donat 1869-1900] St-Ulric de Matane 1868-1900]
St-Edouard des Méchins 1882-1884]
St-Fabien 1848-1900]
Ste-Félicité 1864-1900]
Ste-Flavie 1850-1900]
St-Gabriel 1873-1900]
St-Germain Rimouski 1701-1900]
St-Jean Baptiste Isle Verte 1785-1855]


Following books have also been used:

Death records Marriage records

St-Anaclet 1859-1990
St-Germain Rimouski 1701-1987
St-Narcisse 1919-1990
St-Marcellin 1919-1990
Ste-Blandine 1878-1990

St-Germain Rimouski 1701-1992

St-Anaclet 1891
Mont-Joli 1891
Neigette 1891




Map of parishes in Rimouski area where most of Pierre LAURENT's descendants are established.

Parishes map








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